Surgical Services

Our surgical facilities are designed to give each of our patients the utmost in care and pain management for all procedures. Our surgical suite is equipped with cutting edge technology tailored for the broad range of surgical procedures. A prior consultation and boarding will be required for the patient for quick recovery and proper diagnostics.

Spay and Neuter Procedures:

Spaying and Neutering are the most common surgeries a healthy dog and cat will have in their entire lifetimes. It is important for them to have this procedure to reduce problems such as certain forms of cancer and infections of the reproductive tract. Behavior problems can be worsened in certain breeds by leaving them left intact. During these routine surgical procedures at the Peaceable Kingdom Animal Hospital there are no short cuts taken. All precautions are taken to provide the maximum safety and comfort for your pet before, during and after these and all of our other surgical procedures.

General Surgical Procedures:

Unfortunately, there are often non-routine situations which may require soft tissue surgical care in dogs and cats. Fortunately, for our clients, Dr. Paul and his surgical team are prepared to economically and competently take care of most of these surgeries without referring you and your pet for an expensive soft tissue surgery. However, all orthopedic surgeries are referred to board certified orthopedic surgeons.

Please schedule an appointment to have your pet examined and discuss your pet’s surgical needs as soon as possible!

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