Nutritional Counseling

We offer nutritional education and monitoring as part of our regular examination process. If recent weight loss or gain is the main reason for your pet’s visit, then our team would proceed with a rigorous discussion. We would discuss your pet’s dietary, gastrointestinal habits, and if needed lab diagnostics to determine the root cause. We must find the underlying cause for your pet’s problems before we can offer a remedy. Cats tend to have a fast thyroid problem and lose weight. However, dogs are the opposite and most likely have a slow thyroid and will gain weight.

Dermatological, vomiting and diarrhea problems can further complicate the food counseling process for your pet. Distinct medical conditions like bladder stones, diabetes and renal insufficiency all require very strict prescription diets which can be very effective in managing these conditions. Prescription diets can be ordered through our hospital at great savings and convenience.

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